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.: Liz-E's Senior Year Uniform :.

The Breakfast Club stamp by 5-3-10-4
Boyfriend Stamp by SparkLumCommissions Open Stamp by Mel-Rosey
Guinea Pig Love stamp by Animal-StampI love Guinea Pigs by WishmasterAlchemistGuinea Pig Lover :Stamp: by Circe-Baka
Cheerleader by TheStampKingIuyasha Fan STAMP by shadowhatesomochaoI Support Liz-E Stamp V2 by LizEsPencil
Class of 2015 by InLoveWitEdwardC: iCheer by shark-twinsInspiration Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Booboo the guinea pig stamp by lieveheersbeestjeProud Sonic Artist Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki
K-pop stamp by Rangaku

Herkie! by LizEsPencil

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Commissions are always OPEN:…

Point Commission Prices... by Shimmer-KittyPoint Commission Prices... by Shimmer-KittyPoint Commission Prices... by Shimmer-Kitty
By the way guys, these are REALLY cheap. See for yourself here:
DeviantArt Point Calculator by charfade


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I Support Liz-E Stamp V2 by LizEsPencil
Liz-E Stamp by LizEsPencil

Simple, cute stamp of your character. You provide the artwork.

(It does not have to be by you; it could be a drawing that someone else has done of your character that you like.)

Only 70:points: ($00.70) :heart: Please mention whether you want a colored border or not.

Animated letters: +10:points:. Donate the extra 10 in the donation pool. Mention it is for animated letters in your stamp commission.

I will do this for absolutely ANY character: Anime, MLP, Furry, Anthro, Sonic, OC, FC, Monsters.... any character you can think of. If it is someone else's character please have permission from the owner.

Untitled by

Simple Sketch. Usually done very quickly.

I can do Sonic the Hedgehog, My Little Pony, Anime, and Anthro; I'm willing to try anything.

Bust sketches are 200:points:; Extra characters are extra points; please note me before hand if you want to order one.

Commission 1 - kibafan1232 by LizEsPencil
Commission 8: Kakyuuspark by LizEsPencil

Lineart of your character. I can do Sonic the Hedgehog, My Little Pony, Anthro, and Anime/Manga; I'm willing to try anything.

Extra characters are extra points.

Full Body is 570:points: and Bust is 440:points:. Please note me before hand if you need me to change the listed price on the button.

Clean Lineart with Flat Color
Flat Color commission example by LizEsPencil


Clean Lineart with Flat color- no shading.

I can do Sonic the Hedgehog style, My Little Pony Style, and People.

Extra characters are extra points.

Price is Equivalent to $7.

All other commission styles (not including Sonic Logos) can be found here:

On the commission price sheet, there are the options of sketches, headshots, custom adoptables, clothing designs, Chibis, cell shaded and painted styles, backgrounds, and more.

Lineart with Full Color
Gift - Rute Beer and Cig Boss! by LizEsPencil
Commission - CaseyDecker by LizEsPencil

Lineart with color of your character. I can do Sonic the Hedgehog, My Little Pony, Anthro, and Anime/Manga; I'm willing to try anything.

Painting is 990:points: and Cell Shade is 850:points:. Extra characters cost extra points; talk to me beforehand. Please note me before hand if you need me to change the listed price on the button.

Full-Colored Picture
GO Wildcats! by LizEsPencil
Contest Entry: Sunset Ocean by LizEsPencil

I can do Sonic the Hedgehog, My Little Pony, Anime, and Anthro; I'm willing to try anything.

 For SIMPLE Background: Painting is 1800:points:; Cell Shade is 1500. Extra characters cost extra points; talk to me beforehand. Please note me before hand if you need me to change the listed price on the button.

For COMPLEX Background: Cell Shading is 2000:points:; Painting is 2450:points. Extra characters cost extra points; talk to me beforehand. Please note me before hand if you need me to change the listed price on the button.

Fully toned and completed manga pages
Sonic Team: Darkness Returns Page 3 by LizEsPencil

Price is for 1 character included in the comic.

I can do Sonic the Hedgehog, My Little Pony, Anime, and Anthro; I'm willing to try anything.

 Extra characters cost extra points; talk to me beforehand. Please note me before hand if you need me to change the listed price on the button.


Speedy Delivery

Want your commission/art trade/contest prize/etc. to be done quicker?

Just ask for the "Speedy Delivery" option and I'll put you at the top of my list.


Prices are as follows:

Contest Prize/Art Trade/Other (that you didn't pay me anything for): 120:points: ($1.20)

Anything that costed from 50:points: - 200:points:: 700:points: ($7)

Anything that costed from 201:points:-400:points:: 1000:points: ($10)

Anything that costed from 401-800:points:: 2000:points: ($20)

Anything that costed 801-1000:points:+: 3500:points: ($35)

Anything that costed 1001-2000:points: +4000:points: ($40)

Anything that costed 2001:points:+: +5000:points: ($50)



I have things to do IRL still and other art to work on, but paying for this will put you as far up on my priority list as it can go.


Apr 24, 2014
12:58 am
Apr 23, 2014
7:49 pm
Apr 23, 2014
3:15 pm
Apr 23, 2014
2:15 pm
Apr 23, 2014
8:00 am


Welcome to My Page!


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Art in deviantID © Chibi--Shiro
Just a 16 year old Artist and Cheerleader trying to get through LIFE as we
know it with the help of loving friends, a family and an awesome boyfriend.

Junior in High School. Varsity Cheerleader. Forever stretching. Forever working on her toe touches.:dummy:


:rose: Liz-E

:bulletblue:My Stamps:bulletblue:
Liz-E Stamp by LizEsPencilI Support Liz-E Stamp V2 by LizEsPencil
Support my characters by using these stamps on your page! :la:

:bulletblue:My Icons:bulletblue:
Liz-E the cat! by rainscarceLiz-E the Cat 2! by rainscarce
For my use only. You have no permission to use any icons made for me or by me.

You love it too :D by ElectrikPinkPirateYou love it too :D by ElectrikPinkPirateYou love it too :D by ElectrikPinkPirate

My best friend! :iconyurtlemydurdle:
I love all my watchers, thank you so much :heart:


To Do & Waiting On

Liz-E the Cat for GHG by LizEsPencil

To Do


:bulletpink: :iconsparkleee-sprinkle: (x2) Paid
:bulletpink: :iconbiggestbrandyfan: (x1)

Other Stuff

:bulletpink: :iconprinceofghouls: (x1) Color his Sketch
:bulletpink: :iconminoxthecat: (x2) Kiriban- Head Sketches
:bulletpink: :iconsamantha4348: (x2) Contest Prizes
:bulletpink: :iconneoatlantis: (x2) Contest Prizes
:bulletpink: :iconsaturngrl: (x1) Contest Prize
:bulletpink: :iconv-16: (x1) Art Trade


If you are not on this list, and I owe you something, LET ME KNOW! This is the list I have!

Waiting on List

:bulletblue::iconakiakano: Commissions- (x2) I have Paid (but they've bailed on me & stole my points >:C )
:bulletblue::iconprinceofghouls: Commissions- (x2) I have not Paid
:bulletblue::iconmonicahedgie: Contest Prize (x1)




FAQ's and Such


:bulletblue: Can I have a commission? :bulletblue:
Yes! My commission prices are on my front page, and I have more options in the commissions widget. Just ask!I'm sorry, my commissions are temporarily closed until this summer, I'm hoping. My computer is dying, my tablet is breaking, and cheer is extremely busy. Please check back with me when summer starts (in California) to see if they have opened back up yet.

:bulletblue: What program do you use? :bulletblue:
It depends on the picture, but most of the time I use Paint Tool SAI, with Photoshop for transparency and other effects and GIMP for Sonic Logos. I also use a Wacom Bamboo Tablet.

:bulletblue: When will the next page of your comic come out?? :bulletblue:
Sorry, I've discontinued my comics due to lack of interest, style change and lack of time. I might do some new comics in the future, but no promises.

:bulletblue: Can I please have some points? :bulletblue:
Sorry, but I work for every point I get (unless someone generously donates to me, which has only happened about twice in my years on deviantART) and I don't give them out to anyone. It's like anyone on the street asking me for money with nothing in exchange. Sorry, but no. I'd donate to churches, not random poeple.

:bulletblue: Thanks for the watch/fave/group join!!! :bulletblue:
YOU'RE WELCOME!!! These comments drive me CRAZY! Please do not leave them. Just keep drawing!

:bulletblue: When will my commission/contest prize/AT/other be done?? :bulletblue:
PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME THIS! If you do, I'll feel rushed and it won't come out as good. I usually work on commissions and all other artwork for other people when I feel inspired to (which is when it will turn out good), not when I'm going through an art block or feel a strong need to draw something else (which is when you won't get your money's worth). Note that there will be no refunds once your commission has been started. Contest prizes and artwork for all other people is normally done AFTER commissions that came first; but not always. It ALL depends. Just don't ask, okay?

:bulletblue: Do you do Art Trades/Collabs/Requests? :bulletblue:
I do NOT do requests, these are for FRIENDS AND FAMILY ONLY. I won't do Art Trades or Collabs unless I like your style.

:bulletblue: Who do you cheerlead for??? :bulletblue:
I cheer for my high school. Our mascot is the Wildcats.

:bulletblue: Will you check out my gallery? :bulletblue:
No, sorry. Shameless self promotion on my page will be ignored and probably blocked and/or marked as spam.

:bulletblue: Will you be in my dA Famliy? :bulletblue:
I don't do dA famlies myself because I usually see it as a way of unpopular artists trying to get more popular by trying to be more associated with popular artists. So, you can add me, but you're not getting any special treatment. :l

:bulletblue: Wanna be friends? :bulletblue:
Erm, this is always an odd question to receive. You make friends over periods of time and make a relationship built out of mutual trust and other elements. Don't know me in person? No, sorry. However, when you watch me, I don't care if you mark me as a "friend".


Commissions open this week~ 

3 deviants said Commissions are open for this week. It'll probably be only this week, I'm not sure yet. But I am on Spring Break, so I'll be able to get some stuff done.
1 deviant said Just my PLANE TICKET from California will cost $800-$1000... so, every penny helps.
1 deviant said Thank you guys. Even a stamp commission will help my cause. :heart:
No deviants said Commissions will only be available through the Commissions widget on my front page. I'm trying to raise money to go to New York this November for my 17th birthday and to be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for cheer. This is going to cost $3,000+.


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NikHero 1 day ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the :llama:!
I'm sorry for having bothered you.
LizEsPencil Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
What do you mean? :?

Sorry I've been busy; This last week was cheer tryouts for my senior year, and the few weeks before was me preparing for them. (Both me and my best friend made Varsity :heart: )
Nothing, just disregard that message. I severely overreacted today and after :iconloverobin: had some talk with me I feel ashamed of myself. :blushes:
Btw, why do some cheerleaders paint numbers on their faces? Is that some sort of identification?
(1 Reply)
You okay? I've heard what happened in California today.
LizEsPencil Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Op, just googled it. Earthquake! :o yeah, LA is an 8-10 hour drive from where I am depending on traffic, so I'm outta that zone!
LizEsPencil Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wwwhat? Hm, I haven't heard anything lol. Yes I'm fine! Haha.
That's a relief. I know that Los Angeles and the surrounding area sits on San Andreas fault.

Did you say 8 hours? Would you believe that it's the same amount of time a train here needs to cross the distance of 38 miles?
LizEsPencil Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow! That's crazy. It would probably take only 6 or 6.5 if there wasn't traffic going through LA. Every time I've driven to LA it's been just going through LA to get to Disneyland in Anaheim lol. I drove down there for a competition for cheer in Anaheim a month ago and it took 2.5 hours to drive 14 miles through LA.
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