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$1.00 Traditional Sketch
Sketch Commission: scifiEnchantress by LizEsPencil
Sketch Commission: CaseyDecker by LizEsPencil
Untitled by LizEsPencil
Basic sketch of one character. Costs $1.00 (100:points: )
Final product will be scanned, not photographed as the example shows.
I can do anything!- Sonic, My Little Pony, Athro, People, Anime/Manga, etc.!
Extra characters: (+$00.50 or 50:points: each- :note: me before)
If you wish to pay with PayPal, :note: me for the info.

5 slots to start; will add more after those are filled & completed.
40 Points Head sketch
Extra character +20points

Head sketch for only 40:points: ($0.40)
Speedy Delivery

Want your commission/art trade/contest prize/etc. to be done quicker?

Just ask for the "Speedy Delivery" option and I'll put you at the top of my list.


Prices are as follows:

Contest Prize/Art Trade/Other (that you didn't pay me anything for): 120:points: ($1.20)

Anything that costed from 50:points: - 200:points:: 700:points: ($7)

Anything that costed from 201:points:-400:points:: 1000:points: ($10)

Anything that costed from 401-800:points:: 2000:points: ($20)

Anything that costed 801-1000:points:+: 3500:points: ($35)

Anything that costed 1001-2000:points: +4000:points: ($40)

Anything that costed 2001:points:+: +5000:points: ($50)



I have things to do IRL still and other art to work on, but paying for this will put you as far up on my priority list as it can go.


LizEsPencil has started a donation pool!
6,439 / 10,000

How many Sonic fans does it take to change a lightbulb?
Two. One to actually change the lightbulb and another to complain about how good the old one was.

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Happy Halloween Month!!

It's not October. It's Halloween month. Dancing Pumkin head 3 

I'm feeling pretty festive, so I'm going to hold a Halloween Contest!

This is Halloween 


You're going to draw Liz-E the Cat & friends enjoying Halloween/October festivities!
Characters Include
Liz-E the Cat
Charlie the Lion
Greg "Greggy" the Panther (ref to be uploaded)
Ashleigh the Leopard (ref to be uploaded)
Mini the Hedgehog (ref to be uploaded)
Halo the Hedgehog (ref to be uploaded)

 Zombie Grabin' Pumpkin Man WHAT SHOULD THE CHARACTERS BE DOING?Zombie Grabin' Pumpkin Man 

A variety of October activities!
Including but not limited to:
Good ol' trick or treating!
Enjoying a chill or CRAZY Halloween party!
Carving pumpkins!
Picking out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch!
Watching scary movies!
Finding their way through a corn maze!
Running away from scary monsters!
...or anything else you can think of Halloween or October related!

F2U: Jack O LanternTELL ME ABOUT THE CHARACTERS!F2U: Jack O Lantern 

These characters are all created by me!

Bullet; Blue Liz-E the Cat (Age 19)Bullet; Blue 

.: Girl Look At That Body :. by LizEsPencil

Liz-E the Cat Reference 2014 by LizEsPencil

My main character!
She's a cheerleader and Halloween is her FAVORITE time of year!
She's also a secret agent... Shhh! No one knows that but a few!
Charlie is her boyfriend, and she's a mentor to Mini the Hedgehog and was a mentor to Halo the Hedgehog on secret agent business!
Ashleigh the Leopard is her worst enemy. The two can't stand each other- they're overly competitive in something as simple as trick-or-treating!
She can't STAND ghosts... but zombies and gore do not scare her one bit!
She overall has a very strong, leadership personality- you can read about her in detail in the description of the picture above!
Her body shape can be compared to Rouge the Bat's-ignore the tallness in the reference, it's old and needs updating!
Halloween is absolutely Liz-E's favorite holiday because she loves to dress up and decorate as well as eat tons of candy! She celebrates Halloween all month long!

Bullet; Yellow Charlie the Lion (Age 20)Bullet; Yellow 

Charlie the Lion Basic Reference Sheet by LizEsPencil

Charlie is a super-strong and big lion who loves lifting weights and working hard!
He is really playful with his friends but he can get a bit grumpy!
Liz-E the Cat is his girlfriend and her coworker in the secret agent business!
He loves shoes & is interested in trends & what looks good clothing-wise!
He is VERY PICKY about his hair... don't touch it!
Greg the Panther (or, to Liz-E and other girls, Greggy) is his best friend, they both lift weights and do generally ''MANLY BRO" stuff together.
He also doesn't like ghosts! But gore does bother him a bit more, he gets sick to the stomach!
He's also a great leader- while they may pick on each other a lot, Charlie and Liz-E actually make a great team.
His body type is very similar to Sonic Boom Knuckles.
Charlie is pretty excited for Halloween, because he'll get to have some relaxing fun with his friends and indulge on the Halloween party foods. He's really hoping no one pulls anything dumb, or he'll be mad! His costume would definitely be something that defines his muscle mass: Hercules, Bane, the Hulk, ETC!... but don't mess up his hair!!

Bullet; Black Greggy the Panther (Age 21)Bullet; Black 

-ref to be uploaded-

Greg is an awkward but super sweet panther!
He is also pretty powerful, like his best friend, Charlie, but instead of being 100% strength, but can run a little faster!
He has a fairly monotone voice and can be kind of awkward but he enjoys having fun like everyone else.
He isn't scared by much, but can really underestimate the danger he's in- "no, calm down you guys, that's not actually a zombie... I mean, well... maybe it is... I don't know... should we run?"
He can be often seen with his pet Chao, Kona!
His body type is similar to Charlie's, but not quite as tall.
Greg is a bit bad... He is excited for Halloween not only for the pumpkin spice lattes and the scary movies, but all the skimpy costumes that girls tend to parade around in Halloween night!

Bullet; Purple Ashleigh the Cheetah (Age 19)Bullet; Purple 

-ref to be uploaded-

Ashleigh is Liz-E's worst enemy!
She' cocky, bratty, a free-loader, and likes to take advantage of other people- everything that Liz-E hates.
She has a very high opinion of herself and therefore talks about herself quite often.
She can be very competitive even about the simplest things, and thinks she's the best at everything- even though she's never played a game of basketball in her life, she will still brag to you how much better she is at it than you!
Although her overall orientation is "evil", she is a bit of a wimp when things get down to business- she would gladly steal something, but if it came down to having to kill someone to steal it, she would wimp out and get away, even if it got her cohorts busted.
She places herself before anyone and very, very rarely will make sacrifices for herself to save someone else.
She's a wanderer and doesn't have one set group of friends; she goes from group to group depending on whoever benefits her the most at the moment.
Small bows are her signature accessory.
Ashleigh can't wait for Halloween because she loves all things dark, and can't wait to steal candy from innocent children and humiliate Liz-E and her friends by either beating them at trick or treating, smashing pumpkin guts on their heads or something else that would entertain her for the night!

Bullet; Purple Mini the Hedgehog (Age 14)Bullet; Purple 

-ref to be uploaded-

Mini is Halo's younger sister and is very feisty. She is only fourteen and is an apprentice to Liz-E the Cat on secret agent/spy work (disguised as cheerleading training to those who become suspicious).
She is very determined to become a better agent like her mentor and her already well-trained but still-in-training sister. She struggles and becomes very frustrated but is constantly working at becoming better- it is all she thinks about and often is rude to strangers and shuts them out because she thinks they will interfere with her training. Liz-E often reminds her it's okay to have friends, but Mini is just too focused on her goal to be bothered.
She has the upmost respect for her mentor and looks to her as a role model for secret agent business and life in general. To her, Liz-E is the definition of perfection, and will loud and clear stand up for her if anyone says or thinks otherwise.
She isn't fond of Charlie simply because he is Liz-E's loved one; she is simply jealous and does respect his strength and skill as an agent, however.
She isn't excited for Halloween and does not wish to participate in any festivities, but Liz-E has given her mentor's orders to take a break and enjoy time with them!

Bullet; Yellow Halo the Hedgehog (age 17)Bullet; Yellow 

-ref to be uploaded-

Halo is also Liz-E's apprentice but has been training for three years longer than Halo simply because she is three years older. She is on a fairly high level when it comes to secret agent business but isn't quite professional yet; However, Liz-E can still count on her to complete certain tasks. 
She is pretty optimistic and works hard just like her younger sister, but still leaves room in her schedule to have fun with friends.
She often apologizes for her sister being so rude, but never scolds her much about her actions.
Liz-E and Halo are at the point where they see each other as more equal than Mini sees Liz-E, but Liz-E is still her mentor.
She is a pretty typical teen who loves going out and travelling, but is also more mature, not a brat!
While she is a good agent she is still learning and her slow reaction times can be a weakness at times on the field.
Halo is excited for Halloween just to have a night off from the norm and help her sister actually have fun, rather than her being so cooped up in the training gym all the time!


:pumpkin: revamp RULES?! :pumpkin: revamp 

Yes, there's going to be rules... keeps it fair!

  1. All work must be your own(no bases or dolls or heavily referenced work) and must be created after the submission date and time of the contest- 100% new, no using past work.
  2. All mediums accepted excepting fanfiction. Only digital or traditional- traditional including painting, sculpting, etc. and digital including 3D work, animation, etc. NO TEXT WORKS, SORRY.
  3. Sorry, no collabs.
  4. NO overly mature work- PG-13 max. (Scary is good, Green Inferno level is not. I loved that movie but I'd rather not envision my characters in such a situation).
  5. I'd rather you keep my characters in a Sonic style or anthro/furry style, so long as overall design of the character does not change. This means no MLP, no human style, etc. However, there are several genres of Sonic style so interpret that as you wish (classic/modern/boom) and anthro/ furry is fine too.
  6. Changing hairstyles/clothing is fine if you're changing it for a halloween costume or something minor (ex, if you want to draw Liz-E with her hair down or in a bun, or Ashleigh in a costume or cosplay, or if a character is wearing colored contacts for a specific costume, like red contacts for a vampire, that is 100% fine). NO changes to the overall design. EXCEPTION: If you're going scary (ex, Charlie gets turned to a WereLion), you can do alterations for design from original to monster form. In this case I should be able to still see key factors in the design and tell it is 100% my character.
  7. Sorry, outside characters cannot participate.
  8. All work should be 100% completed/colored. NO WIP's, lineart... anything half-done.
  9. One entry per participant. You may change your entry at any time before the deadline but may only have one in the contest at a time.
  10. You must be one of my watchers to participate. I will check- don't forget, it says "watches you" on your profile if you're watching me. I can tell :aww:
  11. You must write a journal listing that I have a contest going on with 650:points: in prizes with a link to my page and this journal, as well as a link to my page in this journal in the description or your entry WILL NOT COUNT.
  12. No bashing other participants. You will be automatically disqualified.
  13. Any breaking of these rules will be subject to disqualification at my digression. Rules may be added or modified at any time. By participating you are agreeing to follow these rules.
  14. If I do not receive at least 10 participants by October 31st the contest will be cancelled.
  15. Link your entries below and have fun!

Pixel Candy Corn PRIZES!! Pixel Candy Corn 

Yes, yes, this is why you're here.

First Place: 400:points:
A fully colored digital piece by me (+background)(1-2 characters) 
A lineart by me (1 character)
30% off your next commission from me
Winner's package from AnotherContestGroup

Second Place: 150:points:
A fully colored digital piece by me (+background)(flat, no shading)(1-2 characters)
A sketch by me (1 character)
20% off your next commission from me
Winner's package from AnotherContestGroup 

Third Place: 100:points:
A linearted digital piece by me (+background)(1-2 characters)
A head sketch by me (1 character)
10% off your next commission from me
winner's package from AnotherContestGroup 

Anyone willing to donate prizes will receive a free traditional 1-character request from me. Prizes do not include: likes, favorites, llamas, watches, features, etc. Prizes include: art and points. If you donate a prize you can still participate! But it will not increase your chances of winning.

-:Halloween:-  DEADLINE!!-:Halloween:- 

November 20th, 2015 at 11:59PM PST.

F2U: Yellow Candy F2U: Yellow Candy F2U: Yellow Candy 
Feel free to ask any questions or concerns you have below.
I'm going to try and have all character refs up by tomorrow night so if you're planning on using those characters, hold tight!

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Cheerleader, College Freshman, & Sonic Fan for 7+ Years so I think it's too late to save me.

Boom Shadow?

.: Girl Look At That Body :. by LizEsPencil


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